Monday, January 6, 2014

Signing off for now

For all those who watched over me and our family through this blog, I think we now are on steady ground.  I am working full time now, and just doing my every 3 week treatment. My hair has been slow to make an appearance, but it is due anytime now.  I eat what I want. I have jogged 3 times! (admittedly only a few blocks).

Thank you to everyone who moved their appointment, waited for an appointment, waited for me when I was moving slowly, and who lifted me up when I was dragging.  

I am now off to indoor soccer, paying the orthodontist, doing my operative reports, taxes, packing up everything to do our renovation, laundry (since tomorrow it is supposed to be 16 degrees), a few more thank you's, changing the guinea pig shavings, walking the dog, setting up camps for the summer, thinking about a spring break excursion, cleaning the toothpaste off the inside of my drawers, Science Olympiad, and more laundry.