Sunday, February 16, 2014

February Update

For any who still read this blog, I have one small update. I have been doing a drug every 3 weeks and overall feeling much better. But the oncologist said yesterday, I can quit that drug (probably have had enough to be effective). He set me loose until June.

Now I proceed with mastectomy on the right side. Interestingly, they do a lymph node biopsy at the same time, just in case that breast has unknown cancer. And I will get the port (special IV) out. I think it will likely be in April.

The family and I have returned to very near normal life. In the last week my son ran in Krispy Kreme Challenge, our friend passed out bacon to runners, we ran our constructed vehicle in science olympiad, our aunt, uncle and cousin visited, I went to NYC, snowed 5-6 in and we sledded lots.

Signing off again until there is anything interesting to report.