Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hair today, gone today

I like my spouse's Facebook post. Something to the effect of, “Things to do today: Pack for the beach, get bagels, drop off laundry, shave my wife’s head”.  But, as my hair started falling out by the bushel, my daughter said it would be shocking to see me without hair. And that if she had to see this, she would prefer to be in the comfort of her home. So, as a morning activity for her and the cousins, we let them shave my head. They all enjoyed it.  And my cousin set me up with scarves.  My sister, went to the Hasidic district of Brooklyn and got me a a rockin’ wig. My 12 year old son loves it. Because he says I look like a criminal. 

Will have clinic on Saturday (that will be a first) and Tuesday to accommodate chemo. But at the beach this week, which is wonderful.