Thursday, November 21, 2013

to be thanksful...

Oh my gosh. You would think our friends and family would tire of this cancer cherade. But we have received meals, flowers, warm blankets monogrammed, pajamas that accommodate drains, and even fresh squeezed grapefruit juice this am (since my taste is still messed up from chemo).  I don't know what we would do otherwise.

My 8 year old awoke in a crabby mood this am. Mainly due to the fact that mom would have to be seen in the pediatrician's office this am wearing a pajama top with drains. It was just too embarrassing for her.  I explained that I would put a coat over it, tuck it in to my very normal appearing jeans, and no one would know the difference. But later she would say she was mad because I failed to wear a wig on top of the outfit. And there were so many normal moms in the waiting room who saw, she said.

But on a good note, I was able to drive, did fine, got strep tested (to make sure I am not giving it to my daughter).  And Chip, our faithful pediatrician, feels that this should clear up if we hang in there long enough.  So that is reassuring.

My 12 year old got a new long board (skate board). And found an event in science olympiad that uses old skate board wheels, so this is right up his alley. My spouse is slowly gaining some sleep. 

Tomorrow, a meeting at the hospital, then 2 hours of clinic. I think I am ready. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Day 2 after surgery

Doing really well overall. I did get puny yesterday afternoon, but ate a little dinner. I have only taken 2 pain pills since the surgery. I just don't need them.  I still have the drains in, which I have to empty every so often.  My spouse put a big wrap on me this am (ace wraps), which I hope will slow the drainage and it feels good. I cannot help but think of the Darius Rucker song, with slight word change, "wrap me baby like a wagon wheel".

As luck would have it, my 8 year old, while home with strep throat, was feeling well enough to do more cartwheels in the living room.   I think she broke her lst metatarsal. So in addition to getting ace wraps at my office, my husband also had to get a wee-walker boot for her to wear so she could walk and go to school. 

We have, overall, been awash in gifts and dinners and kindness.  Our house smells so good from all the flowers. And the dinners overflow from the fridge. 

So far I am significantly better than with chemo. I think I have no blood, a little light headed, weak. But not like weak from chemo. I can walk, for one.  And my taste is almost back to normal. A little low grade nausea, but I think just left over chemo stuff that is getting better.

Friday I see patients for 2 hours - nothing strenuous.  Monday, Tues, Wed I have 1/2 days of clinic. And I see the surgeon and the oncologist for follow up visits next week and receive the lst dose of what we call, "chemo light".

Monday, November 18, 2013

Surgery done

I bow down to the anaesthesiologist. They did a block, where they inject novacaine in your back and it worked. I have done well. It will wear off in the early am hours. But it allowed me to go home. And I could not be happier. The surgery went well.

Unfortunately my 8 year old has recurrent strep and is at the urgent care with my husband.  But I have good help from the 12 year old and in-laws, and this should be ok soon.

All is good for now.

Friday, November 15, 2013

To do before my surgery

            1. Do big 3 ½ hour surgery today, and hope no complication next week
            2. Get prescriptions filled, oh crap, I forgot to do that one before pharmacy closed
            3. Do all of the laundry so that every family member can find their items next week when my husband's parents are holding down the fort.
            4. Eat friend’s chili which she so kindly brought, despite my being 40 minutes late to my own house to meet her.
            5. Give my 12 year old a haircut so he is not scruffy before my arm returns to usable.
            6. Get stuff for kids lunches for next week, pre-write a note for each so that they know I love them despite being out of commission
            7. Pack hair replacing apparel for the hospital (bandana, warm knitted?)
            8. Channel calm….not my forte
          10. The 6 o'clock news just said 39 days to Christmas. Now I realize there is not enough blog space for the to-do list.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Finished my clinic days this week. I have to do surgery on Thursday and Friday. Trying to get everything wrapped up and straight before I go out for my own surgery Monday.  I am a little nervous. This is all well and good when I talk to patients about what to expect. But now all that talk is for me. With any luck, I am going to have a block, which I love because it helps my patients so much with pain. I sure hope it helps me.  I am ready to be done with the suffering part of treatment. 

I am so utterly grateful to the endless number of people who send me prayers and support.  If prayer works by the numbers, it ought to work on me. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

back to clinic

I am back in clinic. It has been like the other 5 cycles of chemo. Harder than I thought, but doable.

Monday, November 4, 2013


So my spouse woke up at 4am, partly due to daylight saving time, partly due to having to do all the laundry, clean the guinea pig cage, grocery prep, dinner for 4, flea medicine for dog, put up Halloween stuff that lesson planning, report cards had to be done this morning.  I just lie there like a slob, waiting on someone to walk by that I can strong-arm into doing something for me.  He made the kids fold laundry during America's Favorite Home Video last evening. If you are not interested in quality or location of clothing, this works great.  In my good hour that I got to walk and be productive today, I re-folded, well just putting a little spin on what had been done, and returned all the clothing from the couch,the floor, the dining room table, to where it was destined.

Then to volunteer at my son's' school. I have started back to small tutoring project (only 20-30 min a week) which I have done since my child was in kindergarten.  Though I felt horrible, it is only 20 minutes, and it is important to this kid. I just go early, and walk slow. And ride the elevator. It was worth it.

Now, make my daughter an appointment at pediatrician for her 4th episode of recurrent strep. Sometimes you have to take tonsils out to treat this, but we just cannot handle that today. We are limiting family elective surgeries to one per family member for the months of Nov and Dec. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween, etc

A great Halloween was had. But things are a changin'. When we met at the party of the house we go to with all the kids the same age, the 12-13 year olds were gone. They have agendas and parties with their friends. My son's friend was there for a short stent, then off to bigger and better events. My son, who at 12 and a half also has a "cooler than this" party, was there for the evening, but only because his party is Saturday. They are growing up. And they don't want to hang out with us anymore.

I was able to go for a short while, which was better than I thought. My spouse did the trek to obtain the holy grail - candy, candy, and more candy!