Friday, September 27, 2013


Yesterday my son ran in the cross country meet and got 98 out of 350. Not bad!  I had to walk to the car twice. That was like climbing,  not Mt. Everest, but maybe Mt. Hood. But we did it. The family arrived at 6:15 with no dinner in sight. But one of my favorite patients had made us this is awesome casserole. And the planets lined up so that for whatever reason, the noodles and peas and chicken melted in my mouth! and I could eat plenty!   I had eaten tomatoes and avocado for breakfast and lunch because that is about all that I could. What a nice end to our day.

Today 2 surgeries, early release from school, and then rest.  And more of that casserole...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

back to work after chemo #4

Thank goodness I can work. When the door opens, kind and cheerful people pour in from all walks of life.   It cheers me up and keeps me going.  Makes me feel lucky that I do what I do.  More clinic tomorrow, then surgery Friday.  I will be on the mend by then.  Many thanks to those who have brought their church bulletin with me on the prayer list, flowers, food, cards, well wishes in all different forms.

Friday, September 20, 2013

I am getting better at knowing when and where to expect things. I did one surgery and a 1/2 day of clinic yesterday, and as predicted, crapped out at 1pm.  We changed the drugs a little more, and I think it is slightly better, again.  And I have this little diet chart that tells me what I could eat on what day. And that is working.  So, all in all, I would not say it is great, but would say it is better.  Mastectomy now scheduled for November 18.  I think of it as 3 more big hurdles, 2 more chemo, and then surgery.  But who knew I would get this far. I am grateful for that.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Chemo today (#4 out of 6)

Something about losing my hair makes me look younger. Last night I had to do one more surgery before chemo, and, after a board meeting at school. All of a sudden, the volunteer at the patient waiting room desk of the hospital says, “and who are you?” Like when I really was younger. I have tell her, “I am the surgeon, looking for the family of so-and-so?” I suppose because of the grey, they had stopped asking me that 5 years ago.

Chemo today. Lots of drugs…that make me write sappy thank you cards. But I sure am thankful.  Last night ate homemade chicken pot pie from a teacher colleague of my husband's. With real vegetables. It was awesome. Never in my life have I received so much kindness.  I really am not worthy.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Today is the lst day I was mad.  We took my son to the Magnificent Mile fun run downtown to support motor neuron disorders.  It was just a mile.  And in normal days I would be one of the moms who ran the last 200 yards with her son, cheering him on with the wind in their hair, music blaring, runners everywhere. Or even run the whole thing. But I could hardly walk to the folding chair. The mismatch between what I could do in my head and what I could do with my body was large.  And this is the first day I was mad at what I could not do.  Now later, when my husband had cooked and cleaned, and the dishes were left to do. And I had to say I was too tired to do them. Not as mad.