Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday cheer

Having cancer and recent surgery caused us to host the holidays via hotel. While I might feel slightly guilty over placing the relatives in commercial space, the hotel came with a pool and my sister's family and parents enjoyed this.  And we had a lovely day, with presents galore for the those under 13.  Skateboard shoes, books, seal stuffed animals, Monster High movie, barbie, ammo books, rubber snake, sparkly pyrite filled the living room. 

My husband and I feel that we already have gotten our present.  The kindness of many has filled our stockings since June. 

I am now back to full time work, and glad to be.  My schedule should be back to predictable by January, including my volunteer clinic at Wakemed for those without insurance.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


The path came back today and it had no lymph nodes and the tumor was shrunk to about 4mm or smaller, ie the chemo worked very well at knocking it out, was hard to locate at all.  So, it appears that I will not have to do radiation, which is very good. I will have to do one chemo drug every 3 weeks for 6 more months. I started this last Monday.

The mastectomy part is healing well. I cannot do everything (like laundry, cleaning my dishes, taking the garbage out), but I can do a lot (shopping online, demanding from my chair, pointing to what I want others to do).  I am back to regular clinic schedule this week, and definitely could do surgery, though I don't have any scheduled yet.