Saturday, June 14, 2014

check up Monday

I return to the oncologist Monday for my 1 year anniverary appointment. I get a chest xray, liver checking blood work. This is where we see if it is gone. I am at significant rist for recurrence in the lst 5 years. And the oncologist said that if it comes back, it will be metastatic (probably in lungs, brain or liver). So the good news is that I don't need a bunch of scans, and no mammograms. Just the chest xray, liver blood tests, and exam. The bad news would be if it came back. So we just wait and see, and try to handle whatever comes.

For today, just clearing out the attic in a garage sale. We cleared about $120. After 2 weeks of sweat, dust, heart wrenching separation from things like my son's lamby (don't worry, we had 2, we just got rid of one), we are rich. I did have to pull back at the last minute the Peter Pan DVD, book of fairy poems. Some guy bought my Hank Williams, Sr. CD before I could get it back. The rest went to Cause for Paws resale shop. Which is where I get all my formal attire anyway.

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