Monday, June 2, 2014

swimming and eating gravel

Things here are going just fine, we think. I have had a few bumps, had to have another drain placed, then got it out. A little fluid has come back, but the ostrich approach seems to be successful so far. 

Sunday, went into a pool for the lst time since diagnosis. Chemo makes you not allowed to go in the pool, and then there was surgery and the drains.  It was cold, but good.  I have a little hair now, and it is constantly misbehaving. So I covered it in a sun hat.

Today, I went jogging. So happy to do this again, in the sun, with the dog, listening to a good beat. When all of a sudden, this concrete thing was on my face with a thud. I realized it was the ground, and that I had tripped and fallen so fast that I couldn't process all that. I hit my chin, my knees and hands. I had just enough blood dripping to gross out my child when I arrived at the house. But not enough to connotate a real injury. 

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